2019 Club Fees

Below is the list of fees for classes and events at Kingston Gymnastics Club.

All Trial Classes

£5 per class

Pre-school Class

£20 per month

1 hour Recreation Class

£25 per month

1 ½ hour Recreation Class

£30 per month

2 x 1 hour Recreation Classes

£45 per month

Display Team

£50 per month

Development Tumble

£65 per month

Competitive Tumble

£85 per month

Advanced Tumble

£105 per month

Development Acro

£70 per month

NDP Acro

£105 per month

FIG Acro

£120 per month

Open session

£5 per session

Adult Class

£5 per session

Birthday Parties (Sat 5.30-7.30pm)

£8 per child minimum 15 kids

Refunds Policy

Membership fees entitle gymnasts to the benefits of the club.  Fees must be paid, regardless of attendance at coaching sessions.  Membership ends when fees cease to be paid.

Refunds are not normally given but in exceptional circumstances may be considered by the Board of Trustees.

Payment Details

Payment needs to be made by monthly standing order on the 1st of the month.


  • Royal Bank of Scotland
  • Sort Code: 83-22-10
  • Account Number: 11934582