Summer Camp

Kingston Gymnastics Club will be running a summer camp through July and August this year.

The camp is aimed at boys and girls of all abilities aged 5+ and is also open to non members.

Summer camp will be on every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday through July and August, from 10am to 1pm.

Pricing will be:

  • £12 for one session
  • £32 for three sessions
  • £58 for six sessions
  • £100 for ten sessions

Email or call the club for more information or to book your place!

Easter Camps

Kingston Gymnastics Club is offering additional sessions over the school Easter holidays.

These will take place on the 2nd-4th (inclusive) and the 9th – 11th (inclusive) of April. The session times will be from 10am-2pm and will include a 30 minute lunch break.

Sessions will be primarily focused on fun and enjoyment with games being played for warm ups and then moving on to more specific gymnastics activities. The activities available will be tailored to the level of your child.

Session Prices

Pre paid session £15 per day or £45 for 3 days
Pay on the day £20 per session or £60 for 3 days.

How to Book

To book in advance please contact with the number of spaces you wish to pre-book and the childrens names (pre-payment discount will be accepted up until Sunday 31st march)

Payments should be paid into the following account with the reference code: Eastcamp(your childs initials) E.g EastcampAF

Account details as follows: 
Sort code – 832210
Acc number – 11934582

If booking for multiple children the first childs name on the reply email should be used as the reference initials.

We hope to hear from you soon and don’t be shy to bring along friends if they wish to try out gymnastics as well!

Scottish NDP Championships 2019

Another great competition weekend was had over at the Ravenscraig Regional Sports facility for the 2019 Scottish NDP Championships. A number of our gymnasts were competing over the two days.

Below are a selection of photographs from the weekend. Well done to all our gymnasts for their excellent performances. They all worked hard and we are looking forward to a new season.

Thanks to PSB photography for the use of some of these photos. If you want to order prints from the weekend, you can do so over at

Proposed Timetable for NDP Championships

Below is the proposed timetable for the upcoming Scottish Acrobatics NDP Championships this weekend (9th & 10th of March 2019).

Saturday 9th March

Start End EventAreaInfo
10:45Warm up opensWarm up
11:00Height Checks
11:30Spectator Doors OpenMain Hall
11:5011:55Assemble for March onWarm up
11:5512:05March OnMain Hall
12:0513:05Pool 1Main HallGrade 1 MxP, WP
11-16 WG, MP, WP Dynamic
Snr MxP Balance
13:0514:20Pool 2Main HallGrade 3 WP, MxP
12-18 WP, MP
13-19 MxP Dynamic
14:00Height Checks
14:4015:30Pool 3Main HallGrade 2 WP, MxP, MP
12-18 WG
11-16 WG
Snr MxP Combined
15:3016:50Pool 4Main HallGrade 4 MxP
Youth MxP, WP
Grade 2 WG
11-16 MP, WP, IDP WP, MxP
13-19 MxP, WG Balance
17:05Presentation Ceremony

Sunday 10th March

08:30Warm up opensWarm up
08:45Height Checks
09:00Spectator Doors OpenMain Hall
09:3009:35Assemble for march onWarm up
09:3509:45March onMain Hall
09:4510:50Pool 5Main HallGrade 4 MP, WP
Grade 5 WG Balance
11:0012:00Pool 6Main HallGrade 4 WP
Grade 5 MxP, WP
12-18 MP, WG
13-19 WG Dynamic
12:00Height Checks
12:4513:50Pool 7Main HallYouth WG
Grade 3 MG
Grade 4 WG
12-18 MP, WP
13-19 MxP Combined
Grade 5 WG Dynamic
13:5014:35Pool 8Main HallGrade 4 WG
IDP WG Dynamic
12-18 WG Combined
14:30Height Check (Grade 3 WG only)
14:5016:00Pool 9Main HallGrade 3 WG
Grade 5 MxP, WP Balance
12-18 WP
13-19 WG Combined
16:15Presentation Ceremony

All times subject to change by organiser.

King Edmund GC NDP Competition

Here are a selection of photos from Saturday at the King Edmund NDP competition in Bristol.

Best of luck to the final group competing on Sunday!

Scottish Gymnastics Acrobatic Invitational 2019 – Sunday

Sunday was another fantastic day at Scottish Gymnastics Acrobatic Invitational. We were treated to some top performers, and some great performances from our own gymnasts!

Here are a few photos from the Sunday.

Congratulations to Christopher and Hope for their Bronze medal in the Grade 4 Mixed Pairs

And a huge congratulations to Carla, Francesca and Isla for their Gold medal in Grade 4 Women’s Group!

Scottish Gymnastics Acrobatic Invitational 2019

Congratulations to all our competitors on Saturday at the Scottish Gymnastics Acrobatic Invitational 2019! All the routines were fantastic and you did the club proud. Here are a few photos from the Saturday.

Congratulations to Tia, Olivia and Darcey for their bronze medal in the 11-16 Women’s Groups category

Congratulations also to Rhuari and Ingrid for their bronze medal in the Grade 3 Mixed Pairs category

Good luck to all the gymnasts heading to Ravenscraig on Sunday!

Christmas Training Times

Please note that the training times over the Christmas period are as follows:
  • Training is on as normal until the 23rd of December
  • 23rd of December – NDP on as normal
  • 27th of December – FIG 11:00 – 15:00
  • 28th of December – NDP/FIG 11:00 – 15:00
  • 29th of December – FIG 11:00 – 15:00
  • 30th of December – NDP 11:00 – 15:00
  • 2nd of January – NDP 11:00 – 15:00
  • Normal training will then resume from the 3rd of January. Have a great Christmas!