Tumble Success

Kingston Gymnasts excelled themselves last weekend (25th May) at The Tumbling Championships in Perth. 

Out of the 12 gymnasts competing, half of them won medals. 

As if that wasn’t enough success they also won joint Team Gold at National 4 level and Team Silver at National 1 level.

Congratulations to all our Tumble Gymnasts that took part!

King Edmund GC NDP Competition

Here are a selection of photos from Saturday at the King Edmund NDP competition in Bristol.

Best of luck to the final group competing on Sunday!

Scottish Gymnastics Acrobatic Invitational 2019 – Sunday

Sunday was another fantastic day at Scottish Gymnastics Acrobatic Invitational. We were treated to some top performers, and some great performances from our own gymnasts!

Here are a few photos from the Sunday.

Congratulations to Christopher and Hope for their Bronze medal in the Grade 4 Mixed Pairs

And a huge congratulations to Carla, Francesca and Isla for their Gold medal in Grade 4 Women’s Group!

Scottish Gymnastics Acrobatic Invitational 2019

Congratulations to all our competitors on Saturday at the Scottish Gymnastics Acrobatic Invitational 2019! All the routines were fantastic and you did the club proud. Here are a few photos from the Saturday.

Congratulations to Tia, Olivia and Darcey for their bronze medal in the 11-16 Women’s Groups category

Congratulations also to Rhuari and Ingrid for their bronze medal in the Grade 3 Mixed Pairs category

Good luck to all the gymnasts heading to Ravenscraig on Sunday!

Durham City Open Results

Excellent performance from the girls today who competed at the Durham City Open today.
Girls showed great composure today and stayed fully focused throughout their runs.

NDP 4 10-12 Yrs Juliet ?
NDP 3 11-12 Yrs Emily ?
NDP 3 9-10 Yrs Lola 5th
Age Group FIG Dev Charlotte ?

Thanks to Durham City Gymnastics Club for putting on a great competition. We will be back next year!