As you may have spotted on our Facebook Page earlier this week, we are excited to announce the new class structure for our Recreational Gymnasts.

Returning gymnasts will be analysed this week to determine what grade they will be placed in for the rest of the year. Once the gymnast has their grade, you will be able to purchase a wristband for them (£2) that can then be worn to training. This will allow coaches to easily identify what stage each gymnast is at during training.

Gymnasts should always wear their wristbands to training.

More information on the skills that will be assessed at each grade can be found on our Recreational information page.

2 Thoughts to “New Recreational Class Structure”

  1. Marwa

    registration inquiry for girls 12 years and 8 years to attend up coming gymnastics classes ASAP
    Please advice

    1. Ben MacKinnon

      Hi Marwa, please contact to find out about booking classes.

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