Kingston Gymnastics Club held its first AGM since its foundation last night, 28th of October 2019.

Below is a summary of the minutes from that meeting. The key points though are that the club is in need of additional trustees and, in particular, a new Convener.

AGM Minutes

These minutes are a reflection of the AGM, but will not be approved until the next AGM.

Minutes of previous meeting

As this was the first AGM for the club, there were no previous meetings to approve.

Reports and accounts

Convener Report

Convener Fergal Dalton supplied a report for the year, which covered the following points:

  • Governance
    • Safeguarding:
      • There had been 4 Safeguarding incidents during the year. These had all been dealt with appropriately, with reports and support from Scottish Gymnastics
    • Governing Document
      • Drafted and approved
    • External audit
      • Audit of the clubs financial account has been completed.
    • Employment Law and Health & Safety
      • Ongoing work to bring the club up to being fully compliant.
  • Fundraising
    • An excellent response from members throughout the year.
  • Communications
    • Lots of work over the past year to get the clubs website and social media accounts up and running.
    • Further work ongoing to improve communications with parents and members.
    • GDPR compliance put in place. A reminder to members that if you chose to not receive communications from the club when signing up to GymNET, then we will be unable to contact you by this means. Login to check your preferences.
  • The club is in a much more stable and sustainable position from where it was 12 months ago.
    • Key strengths for the club include:
      • Volunteering from members
      • Coaching Staff
      • Location
    • Weaknesses for working in the coming year:
      • Marketing

Treasurer Report

Treasurer Natalie Robertson gave a report on the clubs finances.

  • At this point 12 months ago, the club was in an unsustainable position. Due to a number of actions taken, this has been turned around and the club is now in a better position.
    • Coaching staff moved from salary contracts to being paid hourly
    • Fee increase across all classes
    • Increase in members, particularly in recreational and display sections
    • Changed suppliers for Gas, Electricity etc.
  • The largest cost to the club remains to be the rent for our premises.
    • Rent costs £3,300 per month
    • Landlord is requesting that the rent should be paid quarterly.
  • Club kit insurance is all up to date
  • Gift Aid is still due to come in
    • Still unknown to what effect Gift Aid will have on finances.
  • Applications for funding have been put in
    • Reapplied for the £500 Aldi fund
    • Applied for the Integrated Grant Fund – £3,000
  • Annual accounts (to May 2019) were approved by external auditor.
    • Accounts showed a profit of £1,181
  • Savings account has been set up for future fundraising funds to go in to.


Tommy Lynch has been re-appointed as the clubs external auditor.

Appointment of Charity Trustees

  • Fergal Dalton has stepped down as Convenor of the charity
    • Fergal will be staying on as a trustee
    • For the purposes of the AGM, Fergal retained the chair.
  • Natalie Robertson stood for re-appointment for a second year as Club Treasurer
    • Notion passed
  • Karen Irvine has stepped down as Club Secretary.
  • Ben MacKinnon stood for re-appointment for a second year as Trustee (Communications)
    • Notion passed
  • After the conclusion of the AGM, Tracy Mendicino nominated for the position of Secretary.
    • Appointment will be voted on at the next trustee meeting

Several members offered their services to the club in a non-executive capacity. With thanks the board welcomes the following members:

  • Audrey Wilson is going to look after our internal notice boards etc. at the gym
  • Lindsey Mathie is stepping into a role with the Fundraising committee
  • Kirsty Duffy will be looking to facilitate the clubs merchandising
  • Coach Sofie Mulholland also offered to assist with the clubs marketing

Alterations to the Constitution

It was agreed that no amendments to the Constitution or the Governing Document were required at this time.

Member proposed resolutions

It was made aware that the club requires an updated Health & Safety audit. Members Lisa MacLean and Suzanne Graham offered their help in arranging this through professional contacts.


A digital lock is to be fitted to the door of the club, with the passcode being provided to members. This will allow for access to members, while securing the door from potential trespassers. The internal lock will also be placed high enough up to avoid accidental opening by some of our younger members.

Two new Safeguarding officers are in the final stages of paperwork.

Some members have offered to go on level 1 coach training. Another member also notified the club that they have a lapsed level 2 qualification. The club will consider supporting renewal or course applications where viable.

A request was made to make information about coaching routes, and funding for coaching, available on the website. This matter will be looked in to.

With no further matters of business, Fergal thanked everyone for their attendance and brought the meeting to a close.

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